Qawsarah, daughter of the wind
Schön magazine

Qawsarah, which in the Arabic language means daughter of the wind, is the former name of Pantelleria, the Sicilian island where this series was shot in July 2021.

The island is located between the south of Italy and the north-African coast.

This is the second body of work I have shot in Pantelleria. I feel deeply connected to this place and constantly fascinated by its nature and energy. So much so I wish to continue to come back there and photograph it, in order to let it sink inside me more and more.

Qawsarah represents my intent to create a love poem to this place: trying to capture its beauty and giving it back in the form of a photo-series through my eyes. Only this time I brought with me a different kind of beauty, in the shape of human accessories. The idea was to elevate these everyday objects through the majestic power of nature, though finding a balance of co-existence between lively matter and still life.

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Photography + art direction by me 
Styling Benedetta Bernardi

Claudia Difra - copyright all rights reserved